Get the Kids on the Yoga Mat

Introducing your kids to the Yoga Mat Life might be a really smart parenting move, one your kids thank you for years down the road. Not too many people think about kids and yoga, though some schools are finding that the introduction of yoga into a child’s day helps them relax and focus. If you start now, you and your kids may see an improvement in their overall quality of life that spurs them on to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle in their adult years. Continue reading Get the Kids on the Yoga Mat

Your Very Own Yoga Class

I have a friend who is loathe to unroll his yoga mat in a class full of other people. For whatever reason, he just won’t do it. So for a long time, he just let yoga be one of those things he wanted to do, but never did. But recently he learned the secret many have already discovered: online yoga classes are a great way to get into a practice without the self-consciousness of a class at the gym or studio. Continue reading Your Very Own Yoga Class

Is Yoga New To You?

Perhaps your New Year’s resolution was to begin a Yoga Mat Life. Good decision! Now let’s make sure this is one resolution you actually stick with! How do you make that happen? Well, with just a little support – of different kinds – you’ll find that your choice to begin practicing yoga is one of the best you’ve ever made. And that in itself will drive you to keep it up. Continue reading Is Yoga New To You?

Peace on Earth Begins on the Yoga Mat

Stop and think for a moment how you feel when you’re on your yoga mat. Any feelings of animosity? Anger? Hostility? When you’ve concluded your practice, chances are, if the yogis and scientific studies are correct, you’re in a better place. Your mind has found a little more peace than it had when you began. And where else does the world begin to find that peace than with each individual who will contribute to it? Continue reading Peace on Earth Begins on the Yoga Mat

An Integrative Approach to Anxiety

When a doctor tells you to try rolling out a yoga mat to treat your anxiety, listen. It’s unusual; because pharmaceuticals have been the most studied option for treatment of anxiety, they’re the go-to doctors have come to rely on for patients experiencing anxiety and depression. Yet many are finding a more integrative approach is more effective and causes fewer negative side effects. So if your doctor is one of the enlightened and suggests yoga as a complementary practice in treating your anxiety, you’d be wise to follow the suggestion. Continue reading An Integrative Approach to Anxiety

The Yoga Mat Less Traveled

What kind of surface do you roll your yoga mat onto each day? Did you know that can make a difference in your practice? The foundation of just about anything is crucial for its development and longevity, and that’s definitely the case with your yoga practice. You don’t practice in a suit and tie or in heels and a coat; you don’t practice a Crow without considerable upper body strength; and you don’t practice in a loud, crowded room full of people doing other things. All these elements are part of the foundations of yoga: being ready for the practice, starting with basics, and practicing when it’s appropriate. The same is true for the surface on which you practice.  Continue reading The Yoga Mat Less Traveled

Your Own Gift

How about giving yourself a new yoga mat? It’s gift-giving season, and while many are focused on the gifts we give to others, a wise person knows that the gifts we give ourselves are often just as valuable. Perhaps it’s time to consider giving yourself the gift of a new yoga mat that will possibly last you the rest of your life. Continue reading Your Own Gift

The Truly Flexible Yoga Practice

One of the best things about the Yoga Mat Life is that it can change as your body and needs do. Very few sports and fitness activities have the flexibility that yoga does in terms of being able to be adapted as the body ages and copes with different challenges. But yoga has modifications for every single pose and posture so you’re able to do it in at least some form for your entire life, no matter where you are. Continue reading The Truly Flexible Yoga Practice