Yoga and Grief

Holidays are characterized by relationships: those closest to us, those we haven’t seen or connected with in a while, and those we miss terribly. While the warm, comforting feelings can often win out and keep the season positive, for many of us, the experience of losing a particular relationship can overwhelm the celebratory nature of the holidays and bring grief into sharper focus. Continue reading Yoga and Grief

My Yoga Mat and Who I Am

You know how you feel after a session on the yoga mat – the adrenaline boost, the warm burn in your muscles, some of which you never knew you had, the peace of mind, and hopefully the kinder, gentler outlook on humanity as you connect with everything around you? Being able to tap into these feelings whenever you need to becomes increasingly important, and having your yoga mat with you wherever you go affords you this freedom. Continue reading My Yoga Mat and Who I Am