Cultural Appropriation

I’ve read a number of articles recently regarding yoga and claims of cultural appropriation. As someone who is generally amenable to the idea of cultural sensitivity, I found the circumstances described in these articles to be very disheartening. At issue: a university yoga class was cancelled because the administration wanted to be sensitive to an Indian culture which has experienced oppression from Western influences. Hmm. Let me think about this… Continue reading Cultural Appropriation

“It’s Not Exactly My Style”

Admitting you need to make some lifestyle changes is a great first step toward improving your health. How you choose to go about it is a very personal matter. Dietary changes are usually positive, but choosing an activity is even more important. People who lead active lives generally have a better quality of life than those who are more sedentary. So when you make the choice to become more active, the next step is choosing the right activities. Continue reading “It’s Not Exactly My Style”