What Connects You?

What connects you to life on the yoga mat? If you’ve been doing it for years, what was your initial motivation and how has it changed? If you’re new to the practice, what made you decide to try it? It’s interesting to see how the motivation to incorporate yoga into our lives fluctuates depending where we are in life and on the mat. Continue reading What Connects You?

Expanded Yoga

If you’re like 99% of your peers, you have bought in to the media-driven belief that your body is not as attractive, fit, or perfect as it should be. That unfortunate belief leads many people to avoid yoga, because, let’s be honest, what we see of yoga participants are slender, outfit-rocking, “beautiful” participants. What could possibly motivate someone with a less-than-“ideal” body or body image to muster up the courage to join a yoga class? Continue reading Expanded Yoga

Yoga in Politics – It Finally Happened

If you didn’t watch the Republican debate last night, you missed a hilarious, if potentially scary, exchange between the candidates regarding their perception of yoga. After repeatedly being interrupted by Donald Trump, Ted Cruz tells him to stop interrupting him, to just breathe. “You can do it. I know it’s hard…” Continue reading Yoga in Politics – It Finally Happened