International Yoga Day: No “Om” Required

Good news, campers. Chanting “Om” will not be compulsory in India on International Yoga Day. In a world that often insists that, “because I do it this way, so should you,” it was a heart-warming relief to see Indian officials of the event step back from the “Om” and other Vedic chanting in order to make Sikhs, Muslims, Buddhists and others more comfortable participating in the healthful corporate practice of yoga on International Yoga Day. Continue reading International Yoga Day: No “Om” Required

Mindfulness and Middle School

Those probably aren’t words you would normally put together. Middle school and high school are periods where girls and boys are focused on academics and the pressure of fitting in. Add to the mix the whirlwind of new hormones, and it’s no wonder more and more children this age are struggling with depression and suicidal ideation. Counseling and pharmaceuticals are a traditional approach to coping with this very real stress, but yoga should be considered as well. Continue reading Mindfulness and Middle School