Returning to Yoga

Forgive me; it’s been seven months and 10 days since my last appearance on the mat. Caregiving and grief do weird things. I always felt so good after yoga; why wouldn’t I extend that self-care into a time when I was draining myself of positive energy, sacrificing my own career and presence with my family to care for a dying parent? That question and its consequences lingers, painfully. Continue reading Returning to Yoga

Loosen the Lats and Traps

Ever reach for something above your head and out in front of you just a bit to feel a stabbing pain right at the base of the back of your neck? Do you feel similar tightness and strain when you’ve been working at the computer for long periods of time? Chances are, your latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscles are not happy with you. It’s difficult to intuitively know how to stretch them, but there are a couple easy yoga poses you can do at home or at work to help keep them loose and happy. Continue reading Loosen the Lats and Traps