The Many Faces of Yoga

You sign up for a yoga class at your gym only to discover it’s not what you expected. It’s 105 degrees and 40% humidity and you’re supposed to work out? Or maybe you’re a HIIT fan looking to try something new, so you join a yoga class only to find it’s mostly meditative and spiritual. There are many different faces of yoga; you just have to find one that reflects your own. Continue reading The Many Faces of Yoga

Yoga Help for Mental Illness

I know many people with mental illness. Several are in my own family. I’ve even struggled personally with Major Depressive Disorder. Mental illness is one of the most stigmatized illnesses in Western culture, yet it is no different than physical illness. There are treatments for physical illness and there are treatments for mental illness, but often the treatment focuses on only one isolated symptom. If you threw your back out, you get pain pills and physical therapy. But what caused your back to give? What’s at the root of the injury? You’re suffering from depression, so you get an SSRI to help elevate your mood and get your brain chemistry back in line. But where is the cause of your depression? Continue reading Yoga Help for Mental Illness