Introducing a Brand New Yoga Mat!

Looking for some serious padding in a yoga mat? Maybe the knees have decided 5mm isn’t enough anymore, or maybe sitting comfortably has become a challenge. We all have different needs for different kinds of yoga mats, and when it comes to the combination of support and cushioning, you can’t beat La Baleza yoga mats. Never heard of them? That’s because they’re brand new! And boy do they meet a need! Continue reading Introducing a Brand New Yoga Mat!

Yoga and Self-Care

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, but I discovered that many of the stretches physical therapists suggest for their patients are exactly the same stretches and postures done on a yoga mat in a regular Hatha yoga practice. So if you have a regular practice that includes lengthy periods of stretching and strengthening, without even knowing it (or maybe you do), you could be proactively protecting your body from future harm. Continue reading Yoga and Self-Care

Oy, What a Summer – Now Back to the Yoga Mat Life!

If your summer was anything like mine, you’re dying to get back to a regular routine on your yoga mat.¬†You plan on relaxing, vacationing, maybe doing some projects around the house, but summer seems to be all about improvising, doesn’t it? That little fender-bender that puts a dent in not only your car, but your wallet; uncontrollable weather; health issues. The list goes on, but all these things add up to taking time away from the yoga practice you love so much, the one that gives you the energy and focus to give to everything else. When these things happen, it’s even more important to commit to getting back into your yoga practice as quickly as possible. Continue reading Oy, What a Summer – Now Back to the Yoga Mat Life!