Peace on Earth Begins on the Yoga Mat

Stop and think for a moment how you feel when you’re on your yoga mat. Any feelings of animosity? Anger? Hostility? When you’ve concluded your practice, chances are, if the yogis and scientific studies are correct, you’re in a better place. Your mind has found a little more peace than it had when you began. And where else does the world begin to find that peace than with each individual who will contribute to it? Continue reading Peace on Earth Begins on the Yoga Mat

An Integrative Approach to Anxiety

When a doctor tells you to try rolling out a yoga mat to treat your anxiety, listen. It’s unusual; because pharmaceuticals have been the most studied option for treatment of anxiety, they’re the go-to doctors have come to rely on for patients experiencing anxiety and depression. Yet many are finding a more integrative approach is more effective and causes fewer negative side effects. So if your doctor is one of the enlightened and suggests yoga as a complementary practice in treating your anxiety, you’d be wise to follow the suggestion. Continue reading An Integrative Approach to Anxiety