Your Very Own Yoga Class

I have a friend who is loathe to unroll his yoga mat in a class full of other people. For whatever reason, he just won’t do it. So for a long time, he just let yoga be one of those things he wanted to do, but never did. But recently he learned the secret many have already discovered: online yoga classes are a great way to get into a practice without the self-consciousness of a class at the gym or studio. Continue reading Your Very Own Yoga Class

Is Yoga New To You?

Perhaps your New Year’s resolution was to begin a Yoga Mat Life. Good decision! Now let’s make sure this is one resolution you actually stick with! How do you make that happen? Well, with just a little support – of different kinds – you’ll find that your choice to begin practicing yoga is one of the best you’ve ever made. And that in itself will drive you to keep it up. Continue reading Is Yoga New To You?