Bend Your Knees

Spending a lot of time on your yoga mat stretching your hamstrings? Stop! That’s the advice of some long-time yoga practitioners who say the forward fold with straight legs is not only something some of us will never achieve, but it’s something for which we shouldn’t even be striving. This begs the question: huh?! Continue reading Bend Your Knees

Yoga and Fibromyalgia

It’s an interesting idea to think of a yoga mat as a prescription for fibromyalgia. This debilitating condition affects about 10 million Americans (obviously more worldwide) every year. It is often misdiagnosed and consequently mistreated and can lead to years of chronic pain, depression, and loss of quality of life. Fortunately, with better diagnostics and more alternative solutions available, many are finding that an asana yoga practice can be part of the path toward relief. And it makes sense. Continue reading Yoga and Fibromyalgia

The Neglected Yoga Practice

When your yoga mat has been rolled up and stuck in a corner or tucked under a piece of furniture for too long, if you listen closely, you can hear it calling to you. Then maybe a little guilt sets in: you should be practicing, but for whatever reason, you just haven’t made the time. The combination of the lack of physical activity and the negative feeling over not practicing make for an unhealthy combination.  Continue reading The Neglected Yoga Practice

Yoga at Work? Yes!

You may not have room at work to roll out your favorite yoga mat, but you know there are times when a brief yoga routine would do wonders for your peace of mind and performance. So what’s a person to do? Modify your practice. That’s all. And it’s pretty easy, so instead of reaching for that caffeinated beverage after lunch, give these few yoga sequences a try and you’ll feel great about making it through the day without stimulants. Continue reading Yoga at Work? Yes!

Introducing a Brand New Yoga Mat!

Looking for some serious padding in a yoga mat? Maybe the knees have decided 5mm isn’t enough anymore, or maybe sitting comfortably has become a challenge. We all have different needs for different kinds of yoga mats, and when it comes to the combination of support and cushioning, you can’t beat La Baleza yoga mats. Never heard of them? That’s because they’re brand new! And boy do they meet a need! Continue reading Introducing a Brand New Yoga Mat!

Yoga and Self-Care

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, but I discovered that many of the stretches physical therapists suggest for their patients are exactly the same stretches and postures done on a yoga mat in a regular Hatha yoga practice. So if you have a regular practice that includes lengthy periods of stretching and strengthening, without even knowing it (or maybe you do), you could be proactively protecting your body from future harm. Continue reading Yoga and Self-Care

Oy, What a Summer – Now Back to the Yoga Mat Life!

If your summer was anything like mine, you’re dying to get back to a regular routine on your yoga mat. You plan on relaxing, vacationing, maybe doing some projects around the house, but summer seems to be all about improvising, doesn’t it? That little fender-bender that puts a dent in not only your car, but your wallet; uncontrollable weather; health issues. The list goes on, but all these things add up to taking time away from the yoga practice you love so much, the one that gives you the energy and focus to give to everything else. When these things happen, it’s even more important to commit to getting back into your yoga practice as quickly as possible. Continue reading Oy, What a Summer – Now Back to the Yoga Mat Life!

“I’m Not Flexible Enough to do Yoga”

I have a sweet friend who is stretched nearly to the limit. Like many of us, she’s got her share of troubles: family in-fighting, a teenager trying to find her place in a world that wants to label and discard her, and doing three jobs to keep the lights on. The stress in her eyes, jaw, and voice are intense. I’ll say this much: I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side! Continue reading “I’m Not Flexible Enough to do Yoga”