Get the Kids on the Yoga Mat

Introducing your kids to the Yoga Mat Life might be a really smart parenting move, one your kids thank you for years down the road. Not too many people think about kids and yoga, though some schools are finding that the introduction of yoga into a child’s day helps them relax and focus. If you start now, you and your kids may see an improvement in their overall quality of life that spurs them on to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle in their adult years.

It’s no secret that the Yoga Mat Life does wonders for adults: building strength, increasing flexibility, and improving mental focus and clarity. Why then, would we not jump at the chance to introduce that to our kids? Don’t wait for a progressive school district with lots of cash to implement the program for you – get a jump on it by introducing your kids to the benefits of the Yoga Mat Life right in your own home. It’s a great activity to do together and there are just no drawbacks. Let’s begin.

With a comfortable, sturdy, and resilient yoga mat beneath you and your kids, time spent in a yoga practice will be doubly well-spent. You get the family time and the physical and mental benefits of a good instructional yoga practice. It’s been suggested that kids don’t have the self-control or discipline to do yoga, but experience disputes this. If you have one of those kids who’s bouncing off the walls all the time, it may take a little practice, but you and the child will be amazed by how well they adapt to the yoga practice. I have witnessed this myself in a classroom setting, often ending a session by hearing, “Can we keep going?” And the next day, “Are we going to do yoga today?” “Can we have meditation time today?” It’s as if yoga were the guiding hand those energetic kids need to help them learn physical and mental control. They crave it.

Once kids have embraced the Yoga Mat Life, you may just see them become a little more eager to try other endeavors that might be more challenging. As their self-confidence grows with their yoga practice, fears that held them back from trying other things will be easier to address and conquer.

Give your kids the gift of a Yoga Mat Life and watch them grow by leaps and bounds into those healthy, happy adults you want them to be.