Introducing a Brand New Yoga Mat!

Looking for some serious padding in a yoga mat? Maybe the knees have decided 5mm isn’t enough anymore, or maybe sitting comfortably has become a challenge. We all have different needs for different kinds of yoga mats, and when it comes to the combination of support and cushioning, you can’t beat La Baleza yoga mats. Never heard of them? That’s because they’re brand new! And boy do they meet a need!Made from 1/2″ of durable yet lightweight foam, these new textured yoga mats are ideal for those of us who need or appreciate a little more padding. Their ribbed surface allows serious grip and traction, a crucial component of any yoga, pilates, or body weight practice, so you can focus on correct posture rather than worrying about slipping and ending up looking (and feeling) like roadkill. And don’t let that thickness fool you: La Baleza strikes the perfect balance between support and control so you can have all the padding you want while still being able to maintain tricky balancing postures.

You’d never expect a yoga mat this superior to be affordable, but the price will bring a big ol’ smile to your face. I’ve tried La Baleza and can tell you in no uncertain terms that the extra padding is no hurdle to balance, and my knees don’t even know they’re doing yoga. I think they think I’m playing in the soft, white beach sand with a pail and shovel. But without the grit. Seriously, these yoga mats are absolutely the affordable solution to the too-thin-for-me yoga mats you can get for the same price at a big box store. And they come with a carrying strap, so when it’s time to hit the road for a weekend getaway or an extended business trip, you can take all that comfort and support with you in a lightweight, compact roll.

Yoga mats are meant to be aids in your practice, not something that you have to overcome. La Baleza is the answer to that pesky padding problem, and will provide years of textured grip, support, and cushioning. And at this price, there’s really no reason not to try one out. Pick a color, pick a length (yep – there are longer ones for you tall people!), and be on your way to a more comfortable yoga experience, wherever you go.