My Home Yoga Studio

Ok, well, calling it a “studio” might be a stretch. And I haven’t actually seen it yet. But I have one. 

I’ve had to be away from home for over a month, and in my absence, that spouse of mine who says yoga isn’t his style went and bought wood grain EVA foam mats to cover the floor of the extra room in the basement, put a Zen clock on the window sill with candles and incense, rolled out my extra yoga mat on the floor and put a tongue-in-cheek motivational poster on the wall. It’s just about perfect. The only thing missing is me.

How do you do your practice away from home? I admit I’ve not been able to practice as I would have liked. It’s hard in circumstances of traveling to find enough quiet space, enough trust in a place, to roll out the mat. Yet, it’s in these exact circumstances that I know I need my mat the most. Without exception, I feel better after yoga, mentally, emotionally, and usually physically. They’re so connected. Yet making the effort to do the practice in a space in which I’m not comfortable is a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

This isn’t meant to be a motivational blog entry – more like a confession. I read too many blogs that present a problem, then conclude with a solution or at least an approach. I have neither to offer. But perhaps simply the act of writing about how much I miss yoga will motivate me to seek a place where I can practice. I don’t know.

I do know that I’m looking forward to seeing my very own practice space in the near future. I’m looking forward to making the space my own, introducing my amateur postures to this space, and learning how to move in my new environment. In the meantime, I hope my practice can forgive me for our estrangement.