Oy, What a Summer – Now Back to the Yoga Mat Life!

If your summer was anything like mine, you’re dying to get back to a regular routine on your yoga mat. You plan on relaxing, vacationing, maybe doing some projects around the house, but summer seems to be all about improvising, doesn’t it? That little fender-bender that puts a dent in not only your car, but your wallet; uncontrollable weather; health issues. The list goes on, but all these things add up to taking time away from the yoga practice you love so much, the one that gives you the energy and focus to give to everything else. When these things happen, it’s even more important to commit to getting back into your yoga practice as quickly as possible.

I’ve been away from my Manduka Pro yoga mat for nearly three months due to surgical complications. The mat has been rolled out occasionally when I think I can just maybe do some gentle yoga. After about 5 minutes of solid frustration with my uncooperative body, the yoga mat gets rolled up and tucked away again. What was that the yoga instructor was always talking about in meditation? Oh right – patience with yourself and others. Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Has your yoga mat life been interrupted? Maybe now is the time to consider rolling that old yoga mat out again. It’s been waiting patiently, totally unlike me, and it’s in just the same condition in which you left it. It should be easy to get back into that routine, but alas, Life often has other plans for us. So how do you get that routine back? One day at a time.

I’ll make you a deal: after I’m done writing today, I’ll get my Manduka yoga mat out and spend no less than 15 minutes in a very gentle practice – if you do the same. If it’s been a rough summer and you need someone to help keep you on your yoga mat – leave a comment and I’ll do my best to be as encouraging as possible. Sometimes that’s all it takes – someone who shares your yoga mat life reminding you very gently but firmly that which you already know: you can get back into your routine. The power to do so is already within you – just let it out.