Recipe for Disaster? Slippery Yoga Mat.

First day of really fall-type weather, so I thought I’d leave the fan off while I did yoga at home today. Big mistake. Sweaty palms and feet caused a slip I’m really glad no one saw. Downward Dog looked pretty much like road kill.

I have a good mat, but I’ve always been practicing in spaces where there was a lot of air circulation. With the combination of a slight breeze and cooler environment, I took my mat for granted. Time for a slight correction.

A mat with a tackier surface and texture is in order. I’ve researched the benefits of different thicknesses in mats, but I didn’t think I was someone who needed a high-tack mat until today. Since I’m relatively new to yoga, my poses are still shaky and I need all the support I can get. I have a 5mm mat so I can still feel the floor and find my balance. But a mat with a tacky feel is my next purchase. Slipping during a simple Downward Dog or having my feet slide into the next room during a side plank are surefire ways to end my practice early or for good. That’s not a risk I’m willing to take.

Gaiam® makes some really good mats for hot yoga or for people like me who just have sweaty palms and feet during a workout. I’m looking specifically at the Sol Dry-Grip 5mm mat. It has a high-tack finish to wick moisture away from my hands and feet while keeping the mat dry and in place. There is a thicker version of the mat, but I like my 5mm. Too much cushion and I’m afraid I’ll sacrifice balance. But shoot, as we age (which I’m doing gracefully, I might add…), a little extra cushion might not be a bad idea. File that one under “birthday gift ideas for 2025.”

In the meantime, the fan is going to stay on, at least until I get my new mat.