“I’m Not Flexible Enough to do Yoga”

I have a sweet friend who is stretched nearly to the limit. Like many of us, she’s got her share of troubles: family in-fighting, a teenager trying to find her place in a world that wants to label and discard her, and doing three jobs to keep the lights on. The stress in her eyes, jaw, and voice are intense. I’ll say this much: I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side! Continue reading “I’m Not Flexible Enough to do Yoga”

Expanded Yoga

If you’re like 99% of your peers, you have bought in to the media-driven belief that your body is not as attractive, fit, or perfect as it should be. That unfortunate belief leads many people to avoid yoga, because, let’s be honest, what we see of yoga participants are slender, outfit-rocking, “beautiful” participants. What could possibly motivate someone with a less-than-“ideal” body or body image to muster up the courage to join a yoga class? Continue reading Expanded Yoga