Your Very Own Yoga Class

I have a friend who is loathe to unroll his yoga mat in a class full of other people. For whatever reason, he just won’t do it. So for a long time, he just let yoga be one of those things he wanted to do, but never did. But recently he learned the secret many have already discovered: online yoga classes are a great way to get into a practice without the self-consciousness of a class at the gym or studio. Continue reading Your Very Own Yoga Class

The Yoga Mat Less Traveled

What kind of surface do you roll your yoga mat onto each day? Did you know that can make a difference in your practice? The foundation of just about anything is crucial for its development and longevity, and that’s definitely the case with your yoga practice. You don’t practice in a suit and tie or in heels and a coat; you don’t practice a Crow without considerable upper body strength; and you don’t practice in a loud, crowded room full of people doing other things. All these elements are part of the foundations of yoga: being ready for the practice, starting with basics, and practicing when it’s appropriate. The same is true for the surface on which you practice.  Continue reading The Yoga Mat Less Traveled

The Truly Flexible Yoga Practice

One of the best things about the Yoga Mat Life is that it can change as your body and needs do. Very few sports and fitness activities have the flexibility that yoga does in terms of being able to be adapted as the body ages and copes with different challenges. But yoga has modifications for every single pose and posture so you’re able to do it in at least some form for your entire life, no matter where you are. Continue reading The Truly Flexible Yoga Practice

The Neglected Yoga Practice

When your yoga mat has been rolled up and stuck in a corner or tucked under a piece of furniture for too long, if you listen closely, you can hear it calling to you. Then maybe a little guilt sets in: you should be practicing, but for whatever reason, you just haven’t made the time. The combination of the lack of physical activity and the negative feeling over not practicing make for an unhealthy combination.  Continue reading The Neglected Yoga Practice

My Yoga Mat and Who I Am

You know how you feel after a session on the yoga mat – the adrenaline boost, the warm burn in your muscles, some of which you never knew you had, the peace of mind, and hopefully the kinder, gentler outlook on humanity as you connect with everything around you? Being able to tap into these feelings whenever you need to becomes increasingly important, and having your yoga mat with you wherever you go affords you this freedom. Continue reading My Yoga Mat and Who I Am

Your Constant Companion, The Yoga Mat

It’s true: once you’re committed to yoga, your mat will be your best friend. It will go with you to work so you can hit the studio on the way home. It will go with you on vacation so you can practice on the beach. And it rests faithfully in the corner of your bedroom, waiting for you to scratch it behind the ears…no, wait. That’s the dog.  Continue reading Your Constant Companion, The Yoga Mat