Is Yoga for Me?

It’s January of a new year, and the fitness resolutions abound. Most involve trying harder, going to the gym more often, walking more (10,000 steps?), pushing through the pain to achieve results. Frankly, these are likely going to fail before Spring. Why? Because we insist that more, harder, and faster are what we need to be healthier and happier. What if we dispensed with this myth? Continue reading Is Yoga for Me?

Cultural Appropriation

I’ve read a number of articles recently regarding yoga and claims of cultural appropriation. As someone who is generally amenable to the idea of cultural sensitivity, I found the circumstances described in these articles to be very disheartening. At issue: a university yoga class was cancelled because the administration wanted to be sensitive to an Indian culture which has experienced oppression from Western influences. Hmm. Let me think about this… Continue reading Cultural Appropriation

Yoga and Cognitive Function

You already know how good yoga is for your body. But did you know it can improve brain function as well? Search the Web and you’ll find many studies  proving yoga can help cognitive function in elderly practitioners, but it can also help all ages with maintaining focus, and taking in, processing, using, and retaining new information. Continue reading Yoga and Cognitive Function

The Yoga Complement

Two days ago, the world participated in International Yoga Day, the first ever United Nations-sponsored day celebrating the positive contribution yoga makes in the lives of those who choose to practice it. Around 14 years ago, a practitioner of martial arts and yoga founded a new art called Budokon, combining poses, meditation, and martial arts to form a graceful, fluid, yet highly challenging new martial art. Airports around the world are providing spaces, sometimes just an alcove, but sometimes a whole studio, for travelers to find a little balance and peace in one of the most stressful environments modern travelers must frequent. And many elementary school-aged students can tell you what “downward facing dog” is. Continue reading The Yoga Complement