The Neglected Yoga Practice

When your yoga mat has been rolled up and stuck in a corner or tucked under a piece of furniture for too long, if you listen closely, you can hear it calling to you. Then maybe a little guilt sets in: you should be practicing, but for whatever reason, you just haven’t made the time. The combination of the lack of physical activity and the negative feeling over not practicing make for an unhealthy combination. 

It’s hard to break out of the negative cycle, but when the yoga mat calls, mustering the energy and positivity to respond can be life-altering. Once you’re back on the mat, the benefits of a regular practice come pouring back in. Your brain gets some much-needed oxygen and focus, your body becomes more relaxed and responsive, and your general sense of well-being skyrockets. No, these aren’t exaggerations, but rather a realistic expectation of a committed yoga practice. You’ve been there – you know I’m right.

But resuming the yoga mat life after a hiatus is difficult, nonetheless. So how do you get in the right head space to go after it? Oftentimes, finding a good yoga instruction video can be helpful. If you’ve already practiced with a video, consider changing to a different series, just to feel as though you are beginning again. Sometimes, a new perspective like this will be motivation enough to get you back on the mat. But maybe putting the home practice on the back burner and embracing a yoga class nearby will call for a level of accountability you hadn’t previously experienced. Practicing with others in the room requires showing up and committing to the hour the teacher provides. It also offers the opportunity to ask the teacher about tips for keeping that home practice going strong.

When the yoga mat calls, “You need me!”, it can be difficult to respond positively, but the options available to you (ignore and keep feeling icky or unroll the mat and feel great) should help to make it easier to resume that part of your life that helps keep your mind fresh, your body healthy, and your spirit engaged. You can do it.