Transformation on the Mat

What made you try yoga for the very first time? Many people are attracted to the grace, flexibility, and strength yoga can offer. Some give it a shot because they love group fitness classes, and yoga happened to be available at the gym. Older first-timers with an eye on their golden years might be interested in the improved balance and mobility, and potentially fewer hospital visits due to falls. Then there are a few who observed other yoga practitioners and saw something deeper they wanted for themselves. 

Peace. Mindfulness. Control. Grace. Strength. Contentedness. Such quiet things we yearn for. When we see them in another, such a spirit is generated in us, a deeper yearning even than when we began. To find a yogi who can lead us down a gentle path toward these things is to find the path itself. And once embarked, we can change. We find the things we must shed, the things we must carry, the things which were never ours to begin with, and we begin to glimpse the person we truly are and the soul we may become.

By definition, the word transformation does not indicate a fixed period of time. It can be gradual, like the change of a tadpole into a frog. Or it could be almost immediate, like a chemical reaction. But for a human being to be transformed, there must be a re-focusing of the mind and soul – and that’s going to take some time. Having the desire for this process is the first step, but that first step should be onto a yoga mat for it to take root. Overnight change isn’t going to happen, but so many wonderful “side effects” occur that we look forward to our time on the mat every day.

Mental clarity, physical stamina and flexibility, and a quieter mind are all legitimate expectations when we begin a yoga practice. And they have a way of sneaking up on you; you may find yourself focusing on your breath in that traffic jam on the interstate instead of becoming anxious or angry. Perhaps your performance at work seems improved since you started yoga, or maybe relationships in your life are clearer. A Yoga Mat Life brings you closer to what you seek, offers support on the journey, and deepens your love of life.