Which Yoga Mat is Best for You?

Choosing a yoga mat might seem as simple as grabbing one off the shelf at the nearest chain store, but in reality, the yoga mat you choose can hep determine the course of your yoga practice. So let’s be careful out there.

Your particular style of yoga needs a yoga mat to match, so think about your practice – how it is now and how you’d like it to be – and then start your yoga mat shopping. Ultimately, you’d like a yoga mat that will last for a very long time. Those yoga mats are hard to come by, but they’re out there. In fact, you can get a yoga mat with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer, like the Manduka Pro yoga mats. These yoga mats are thick, balance-supporting, and get better the more you use them. That’s a good place to start.

Maybe your yoga practice needs a yoga mat that will keep moisture away from your hands and feet. Hot yoga practices are a classic case in point. When you sweat, any contact you have with your yoga mat can become a liability in that it offers the opportunity to slip out of a pose, or worse – come crashing to the floor. Manduka Pro yoga mats have a fabric-like surface that not only wicks moisture away from you, but prevents it from being absorbed by the yoga mat itself and harboring bacteria. Hands and feet are great places to transfer bacteria, so a yoga mat that actively works against this as it keeps you from slipping is a great investment.

Whether you’re an experienced yogi and want a yoga mat that won’t hinder your practice or you’re a beginner who wants a little extra padding, the Manduka Pro and Pro Lite yoga mats are a solid investment. With lifetime guarantees, a no-slip surface texture, and just the right amount of padding, Manduka yoga mats will fit your practice at whatever stage it’s at. Invest in a Manduka Pro yoga mat and you’ll find it suits your practice and your personal style for years to come.