Yoga and…

Reading blogs about yoga today, it seems that yoga has become the fitness condiment du jour. Whatever you can dream up for a routine that keeps you happy and healthy, yoga goes really well with it. So what does yoga combine with in your life?

Many say yoga helps them spiritually, regardless of their chosen belief system. It helps with mindfulness, connecting with others, building a strong sense of compassion and empathy. No one can argue that that hurts any faith. Yoga becomes another way of enhancing a belief or philosophy because of its focus on the positive emotions and connections between human beings and our physical and spiritual environments.

Yoga is used by martial artists to improve focus and balance, both crucial for the mastery of any martial art. Flexibility is also enhanced, allowing for increased skill in the arts, while at the same time protecting those who practice from unnecessary injury. Because the mental focus is so acute, many martial artists find that yoga becomes an integral part of their routine as much as forms.

In a recent post in On Being, author Julia Travers writes of the discovery of combining yoga and poetry. Her yoga practice has taken on a deeper life through poses combined with poetry that reflects the physical postures and allows her to find and feel greater meaning in the asanas.

Then there’s the crowd who finds yoga to be a fun social complement to other activities. Yoga and Wine. Yoga and Beer. Yoga with Pets. Aqua Yoga. Rage Yoga. Chances are, if you’re into it, there’s a way to combine it with yoga!

So how do you incorporate yoga into your life? Whether it’s a fitness routine, meditation for spiritual growth, a social activity, or something entirely different, yoga can be the catalyst for a fuller, richer life.