Your Own Gift

How about giving yourself a new yoga mat? It’s gift-giving season, and while many are focused on the gifts we give to others, a wise person knows that the gifts we give ourselves are often just as valuable. Perhaps it’s time to consider giving yourself the gift of a new yoga mat that will possibly last you the rest of your life.

Yes, such a yoga mat exists. The Manduka Pro yoga mat is so sturdy, resilient, and comfortable that it comes with the manufacturer’s Lifetime Guarantee. How many gifts will you give and receive that have that kind of support? Few, I’d wager. This very special yoga mat deserves its warranty, too. It holds its shape, has a fabric-like texture that allows for amazing traction yet ease of movement between poses, and actually seems to improve with use. It’s the last yoga mat I ever plan to own.

Yoga mats are the foundation of your yoga practice, so to use an inferior, cheaper product is no gift to yourself. Your body and mind deserve a yoga mat that will allow you to focus on the mental and physical aspects of yoga, rather than on the hard surface you’re on or the loss of traction that can occur on a cheap yoga mat. The Manduka allows you to put your focus entirely on your postures and meditative mindset, rather than on distracting variables. This is its true gift.

While you’re thinking about what to give others this season, consider giving yourself a gift that will last the rest of your life: the Manduka Pro yoga mat.