Your Very Own Yoga Class

I have a friend who is loathe to unroll his yoga mat in a class full of other people. For whatever reason, he just won’t do it. So for a long time, he just let yoga be one of those things he wanted to do, but never did. But recently he learned the secret many have already discovered: online yoga classes are a great way to get into a practice without the self-consciousness of a class at the gym or studio.

Yoga mats are meant to be a safe place of healthful activity, but when a class, whether yoga or otherwise, causes stress, it’s not going to be a healthy endeavor. So let’s give thanks for those early video yoga pioneers who put their instruction online for those of us who wanted a non-threatening way to get into the Yoga Mat Life!

Yoga videos and streaming yoga classes are a great way to begin or even enhance a Yoga Mat Life when you’re ready. If the idea of donning yoga pants or bending into unusual shapes in front of lots of strangers (or even friends) makes you want to grab the potato chip bag and head for the couch, you should consider the video alternative before you give up completely. All you need is a good video, your trusty yoga mat, and a little space in your home.

Once you’ve decided where you’re going to unfurl that yoga mat, it’s time to choose an instructional video. Fortunately, there are myriad from which to choose. So begin by finding an instructional style that fits your own style. What kind of practice do you want to have? Are you looking for gentle stretching and gradual strengthening? Maybe you want a super challenging yoga practice that will get your heart rate up. Maybe you’re looking for a combination of yoga and meditation. Or maybe you’re into the yoga with goats thing – whatever! The instructional style of your choice is out there, guaranteed. You can try a subscription to a yoga channel, snag a few free videos, or purchase a dvd to learn a complete yoga practice from beginning to end. It’s entirely up to you.

Of course, make sure you have the right yoga mat for the job, too. It should be thick enough to take the edge off the hard ground, but not so thick that it causes you to lose your balance. Once you have your yoga mat and your video chosen, you just need the commitment to follow through. No problem.

Don’t let social concerns keep you from a lifelong yoga practice; grab your yoga mat and a good video and get to work!